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Lake County Child Health & Disability Prevention Program (CHDP)


  What We Offer:
  CHDP provides free well child exams for low-income children and youth in California.

Services Provided by the Lake County CHDP Local Office:
The CHDP local office assists families with making medical appointments, arranging transportation, and referrals to other resources.
Click here for Transportation Resources.

The CHDP local office certifies doctors’ offices and clinics as CHDP Providers. Click here to learn how to become CHDP Provider CHDP provides free well child exams for low-income children and youth in California.
Regular Health Exams are Important to:
The earlier that health problems are found, the easier they are to treat. Early treatment can reduce or prevent serious problems later in life.
When Exams are Offered:
CHDP health exams are given according to a set schedule, or at special times such as school entry or sports physicals.
Click Here for a Periodicity Schedule for health assessment requirements by age groups.
Click Here for Dental Periodicity Table by age groups.
Well Child Exams:
Types of Checkups:
  • Well baby, Well child, and Teen
  • School/Head Start Entry
  • Sport and Camp physicals
  • Immunization Catch up
Who Provides the Exam:
How to Schedule a Well Child Exam:
  • Call your doctor or clinic and ask for a CHDP exam
  • If your doctor or clinic does not do CHDP exams, call the Lake County CHDP office at (707) 263-1090 or (800) 794-9291 for assistance.
Who is Eligible:
  • "Full Scope" Medi-Cal and Under 21
  • Under 19, have no health insurance, and low income (through CHDP Gateway)*
The Exams are only offered according to the set schedule or special times.

*Eligible children may receive temporary Medi-Cal for up to 60 days through the CHDP Gateway.

For more information click:
      About Child Health and Disability Prevention
      Apply for benefits
      Partnership Health Plan of California

Transportation Assistance
Click Here for Transportation Resources.
   California Newborn Hearing Screening Program
   The goal of the California’s Newborn Hearing Screening        
   Program is to identify babies with hearing loss and
   link them with services by six months of age.

Your baby may be delivered in a Lake County Hospital that has been approved to participate in the California Newborn Hearing Screening Program. During that hospital stay you will be offered the opportunity to have your baby’s hearing screened before going home.

As hearing loss can be invisible, your decision to have your baby’s hearing screened is important. The Newborn Hearing Screening takes place before you and your baby leave the hospital. The screening takes only a few minutes while your baby sleeps.

For more information :

Click here to go to the "California Newborn Hearing Screening Program"
Devlopmental and Soci-Emotional/Behavioral Surveillance, Screening, and Anticipatory Guidance
Developmental and socio-emotional/behavioral observations by the health care provider can identify problems early so that additional comprehensive assessments and intervention can be initiated. Research demonstrates that early intervention maximizes the chances of improving outcomes. A careful review of a child's developmental and behavioral functions is necessary at each well child encounter.

Parents and caregivers play an important role in the development of children at all ages. Studies of children show that children do best if they have secure emotional ties with a parent or relative, and find a support system through school, church, or community. Helping parents and caregivers support children in their developmental processes and achievements becomes an essential part of each health assessment visit. Click Here To see the Developmental Anticipatory Guidance for a summary of developmental milestones and activities to stimulate growth
Redwood Coast Regional Center
Easter Seals
Lake County SELPA


Bright Futures

Bright Futures is a national health promotion and prevention initiative, led by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Bright Futures Guidelines provide theory-based and evidence-driven guidance for all preventative care screenings and well-child visits. Bright Futures Content can be incorporated into many public health programs such as home visiting, child care, school-based health clinics, and many others. Materials developed especially for families are also available.

Bright Futures Resources
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    Oral Health in Children
    Part of the CHDP well child visit includes a dental  
    screening by the doctor.

The examiner will look in your child’s mouth:
  • Screen for dental problems
  • Refer your child for treatment if cavities are found
  • Offer guidance on brushing and health eating to prevent cavities
Link to our oral health brochures PDF
Click Here for an Oral Health Card (English).
Click Here for an Oral Health Card (Spanish).
Click Here for Stop Tooth Decay (English).
Click Here for Stop Tooth Decay (Spanish).
Click Here for Teething (English).
Click Here for Teething (Spanish).
For a list of Lake County Dental Providers click on link below:
Denti-Cal Provider List
Lake County Medi-Cal Dental Providers

Click Here for a Dental Periodicity Schedule by age groups.


Long Beach CHDP program has graciously allowed Lake County CHDP providers to view their online provider trainings. After viewing the training videos, please refer to your clinic site manager to complete post-tests and obtain certificates for provider trainings. Please refrain from accessing Long Beach CHDP's website directly and completing the online post-tests, as doing so would interfere with their provider tracking.

Current CHDP Health Assessment Guidelines supersede any variation that may be contained in the training videos.

 Audiometric Screening
 Vision Screening
 BMI and Nutrition
 PM 160 and CHDP Orientation
 Oral Health and Fluoride Varnish
 Lead Poisoning Prevention
 Developmental Evaluation
 Additional Training


How to Contact Us
By Phone:    (707) 263-1090 or (800) 794-9291
By Fax:    (707) 262-4280
By Mail    922 Bevins Court, Lakeport, CA 95453
Map:    922 Bevins Ct., Lakeport, CA 95453

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