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Oral Health


Dental Disease Prevention

We provide oral health education and prevention services for preschool through 12th grade and in our communities. We offer the following:
Lake County Oral Health Access Council

Having a healthy mouth is the first step to having a healthy body.

Oral Health Brochures

Oral Health Card (English)
Oral Health Card (Spanish)
Stop Tooth Decay (English)
Stop Tooth Decay (Spanish)
Teething (English)
Teething (Spanish)

Lake County Dental Providers

Denti-Cal Provider List
Lake County Medi-Cal Dental Providers

Additional Resources

Dental Periodicity Schedule by age groups

Brush Kids' Teeth for 2 minutes, 2 Times a day
Cepilla Sus Dientes Por 2 Minutos, 2 Veces Al Día.