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COVID-19 Data

In an ongoing effort to understand COVID-19 transmission and improve clinical outcomes in our community, Lake County Public Health tracks demographic, geographic and clinical information about confirmed COVID-19 cases. Key datasets are displayed below and will be updated as our data collection and analysis improves, as more information becomes available, and as regulatory metrics evolve.

Every effort will be made to update COVID-19 Summary Data every business day by 1:30 p.m. Demographic data, the Epi Curve, and Testing data will be updated weekly by Tuesday.

Public health officials and staff are monitoring data daily, and will update the website data on business days.*

*In observance of upcoming holidays, website data will not be updated December 24-25 or January 1.

Please be aware that the data presented here is not real-time and may not reflect the most recent information. Delays of up to a day may occur between the reporting of cases and recording times at the local, state and national data levels (the sources for this page).

Regional Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Capacity

The Regional Stay Home Order, announced on December 3, 2020, goes into effect if ICU capacity drops below 15% in a region.

Lake County is in the Northern CA region. On December 3*, the Northern CA region had 23.5% remaining ICU capacity. The blue line below represents the daily ICU remaining capacity, and the orange line represents the average remaining ICU capacity over the previous 7 days.

*Data are reported daily, with a one-day lag. For example, ICU capacity on December 3 is reported on December 4. 

To learn more, see California's Stay at Home Order.

regional ICU capacity 12.4.20
*NICU =Neonatal Intensive Care Unit



Lake County Tier Assignment as of December 1, 2020: Widespread (Tier 1 / Purple)

Many non-essential indoor business operations are closed.
All open businesses and industries must follow current California industry guidance.
To learn more, visit California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy.



COVID-19 Summary Data

Last Update: December 4, 2020 at 11:22 AM

Lake County Snapshot

Source: CalCONNECT
 Lake County Coronavirus Cases at a Glance
  Total Active Recovered Deaths
Total Cases 1,022 90 911 21


Source: CalCONNECT
 Lake County Coronavirus Hospitalizations
  Currently Hospitalized Ever Hospitalized
 Total Cases 10 67


Lake County Epi Curve

epi curve 12.1.20

Data Source: CalREDIE as of December 1, 2020. 
Data Note: Information will change as additional data are received. The Epi Curve reflects the weekly count of the number of new cases identified per week (by episode date).


Demographic Data

Last Update: December 1, 2020 at 10:55 AM

Cases by Gender

Source: CalCONNECT
Gender Cases Percent of Total Cases
Male 452 48%
Female 498 52%

Cases by Age Range

Source: CalCONNECT
Age Range
(in years)
Cases Percent of Total Cases
0-12 69 7% 
13-24 155 16%
25-34 176 18%
35-44 147 15%
45-54 123 13%
55-64 123 13%
65 and older 159 17%

Cases by Location

Source: CalCONNECT
 District District Total Zip Code Zip Code Total
 District 1 109  95457 36
 95467 38
 95461 35
 District 2 284  95422 279
 95424 5
 District 3 133  95423 48
 95458 26
 95464 36
 95485 22
 95493 1
 95443 0
 District 4 264  95453 260
 95435 4
 District 5 149  95426 9
 95451 140
 Unknown 13  Unknown 13

District Areas:

District 1:  Middletown, Hidden Valley Lake, Anderson Springs, Lower Lake, portions of Clearlake
District 2:  most of the City of Clearlake and areas east
District 3:  Spring Valley, Clearlake Oaks, Clearlake Park (north of the City limits), Glenhaven, Lucerne, Nice, Upper Lake, Blue Lakes, Lake Pillsbury
District 4:  Lakeport, Scotts Valley, Finley, Lampson Airport area, Rivera Heights, Highland Springs, most of Big Valley
District 5:  Kelseyville (town and general area), Riviera West, Clearlake Riviera, Buckingham, Loch Lomond, Cobb

If you are uncertain what Supervisorial District you live in, visit the Lake County District Map, and enter your address.

Cases by Race & Ethnicity

These racial and ethnic categories are based on guidelines from the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) data collection standards. Asian and Black/African American, non-Hispanic cases are combined due to a smaller number of cases in these groups to protect individual privacy. When there are more than 10 cases in each group, the data will be reported separately.

Case Data Source: CalCONNECT 
Population Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2019 1-year American Community Survey estimate, Table DP05
  Number of Cases  Percent of Cases Percent of County Population
Latino or Hispanic 427 44.9%  22.0%
White, non-Hispanic or Latino  358 37.6% 68.9%
American Indian or Alaska Native, non-Hispanic  48 5.0% 3.3%
Multi-racial  17 1.8% 3.0%
Black or African American, non-Hispanic  11 1.2%  1.9%
Asian, non-Hispanic 10 1.1% 0.8%
Other 8 0.8%  
Unknown 73 7.7%  


Cases by Source
(Updated weekly)

Mode of Transmission, Lake County Residents through November 24, 2020 (N=877)

Source: CalCONNECT
Source Cases Percent
 of Total Cases
Household Contact 284 32%
Presumed Community Contact 212 24%
Confirmed Community Contact 55 6%
Workplace Contact
(excludes congregate living situations)
83 10%
Close Contact (other) 13 2%
Congregate Living Settings 191 22%
Missing data 39 4%

 *data to be updated once more complete information on source of transmission is received. 

(Updated Weekly)

Last Update: December 1, 2020 at 11:00 AM

Source: Lake County Healthcare Partners and CalREDIE
 Lake County Testing 
Result Total Resulted Percent of Tests
Positive 971 5.1%
Negative 18,018 94.9%
Total 18,989  100%


A note about Lake County Testing data:

This data does not include pending tests, antibody tests or tests done at point-of-care providers. This data is not real-time. Delays may occur due to processing, reporting and recording times at state and local levels.

Positive: persons with a confirmed positive COVID-19 test by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
Negative: tests with a non-positive result for COVID-19 by PCR.
Total tests: total number of negative tests and positive cases that have been completed and resulted to CalREDIE and healthcare partners by the performing lab.




Lake County Story Map


World & US Snapshot


Source: Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center