Business Owners

Companies both large and small benefit from supporting breastfeeding employees. The payoff is significant:
  • more satisfied and loyal employees
  • retention of experienced employees
  • reduction in sick time
  • lower health care insurance costs
You can support breastfeeding moms returning to work by:
  • Develop policies to support breastfeeding employees (SAMPLE)
  • Provide a private place at work for employees to breastfeed or express milk (TIPS)
  • Allow flexibility with break time and work schedule (TIPS)
  • Educate employees on breastfeeding laws
  • Provide pregnant employees with lactation education such as pamphlets and resources
BFLCBC Other ways business owners and clinics can show their support to breastfeeding moms is by attaching a "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" window cling at the front window to let moms know they can breastfeed their babies at your businesses or clinics. To obtain the window cling, Please contact WIC at 877-942-2220.

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