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Birth Certificates

Certified Copy

A certified birth certificate is used to establish identity for legal purposes. California state laws help protect against identify theft by allowing only an authorized person to receive a certified copy of a birth certificate. Those who are authorized by law to receive a certified copy of a birth certificate are:

Informational Only Copy

(cash or check only)
Those who do not meet the criteria for an authorized certified copy may receive an informational only copy. The words "informational, not a valid document to establish identity" will be imprinted across the face of the certified copy.


Birth Certificate $25
Birth Certificate for Government Agency $19

Fee Exemptions

In California, a homeless person, or a homeless child, or youth on behalf of themselves can make a request for a birth certificate, or any person lawfully entitled to request a birth certificate on behalf of a child, if the child has been verified as a homeless person or a homeless child or youth.

Call the Office of Vital Records at (707) 263-1090 or (800) 794-9291 for more information.